The Titanic - TC-JAV phenomena

Recently, I was asked a question over the phenomena regarding this accident. It was the fact that there had been so many published reports, documentaries and numerous websites on the subject. So why? Ermenonville and the airplane, TC-JAV, and my fascination and others over it? In its circumstances, in its as one reader put it, domino effect, probability, misfortune, malice and neglect that sent 346 people to their deaths in an airplane that trapped and careened their hopes into the earth of France. Their blood seeped into the soil of Ermenonville.

The intention over this website has become part of a bigger picture in telling a story about sacrifice, and of its repercussions unto a nation, the aviation industry and to the people who are still deeply affected over it thirty four years ago.
The comments resonate this phenomena as so many people still remember that Sunday, the news, the images, etched in their memory from that day on. Also, the proliferation of the photographs which I had placed on this site, August 2007, is used on the other internet sites, youtube, facebook, etc, in memory or in discussion. So why this intrigue?, why this Titanic effect?

A scale model reinterpreting the tragedy courtesy of Korkut Varol

A moving tribute at an accident we all wished that never happened

A scale model of TC-JAV and the forest at Ermenonville. Paris

See the complete model diorama of the tragic crash

As a child, after hearing the reports over the radio, I thought first to myself, I hoped no one was hurt as this airplane landed on leaves of trees. The more I try to end this, it draws me back, the website is a place of remembrance, its time for the collective forces to complete it, to whatever it needs, and to release me as I have done my deed.

Richard Bolai © 2008


Anonymous said...

i was happily amazed to stumble across this site and see that so many cared . my passport states that i was born in bury st edmunds a twon forever linked with this terrible tragedy.this incident took place when i was 8 years old and took away several of ftahers friends from before and when i was tot . their pictures are still dotted around his house today in the background at weddings etc . i beleive one chap even lodged in our house . the incident served as reference point in my life . my father might have perished himself but for circumstances and i have alwys felt a grim empathy for the children whose lives were shattered that sunday afternoon. at the time of the crash my family lived abroad. in an age long before e mail and mobiles word didnt filter through for a week or so . we received cutting from the daily mail and others with pictures of his friends with DEAD before their names . i can remeber my mother screaming up stairs and my fathers bewildered hurt look whne he came home from work . one cahpa was pictured in the suit he bhad worn to my parent wedding . why didnt their seatbelt save them i innocently asked having recently just flown on a wide bodied jet for tyhe first time. also it the sheer happenstance of time and place that stalks our lives followed by the cruel reality that events have taken place that can never be erased . i saw footage opf the rugby match that many of the victims attendedthe previous afternoon . a glorious sunny afternoon in paris .. the englsih supporters celebrating wildly the try scored by david duckham . as the camera focussing on the crwod you realise that some of the smiling excited faces have just 22 hours to live. i have owndered about the mohammed the poor "illiterate "baggage handler . little is heard of him but how did life evolve without ever being able to prove that he had not been even a tiny bit complicit . never being able to prove that clic was really heard i have visited the site whisc is now simply a silent witness and reminder to the terrible fragility that is human mortality . RIp to all who perished and eternal sympathy to those affected whose lives ahd to continue

robbo said...

following my earlier account of the tragedy touching me via my fathers friends i would be fascinated to hear from any else on this subject via